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  • Silver Earrings

    Silver Earrings

  • Blue and silver Pendant

    Blue and silver Pendant

  • Red and Silver Abalone-Paua Shell Pendant

    Red and Silver Abalone-Paua Shell Pendant

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    Teal and Silver Pendant


St Ives Silver source some of the most interesting and beautiful jewellery to buy online

St Ives Silver features probably the most eclectic range of handcrafted silver jewellery in the UK.

We buy direct from individuals and small businesses throughout the world. Currently we supply from workshops in Bali, Thailand, India, Mexico, Peru and Cornwall.

We work with craft workers, designers and small businesses on design, finishing and quality control. We arrange payments above market rate to allow craft workers to send more time on the quality and finish of each individual piece of jewellery.

We avoid buying from websites, brochures and trade shows, preferring to buy direct from the markers, thus ensuring a varied range of unusual jewellery for you and eliminating the ‘middle man’. This means the best price for you, us and our suppliers.

We visit suppliers’ workshops to check on working conditions and only work with businesses that provide health insurance for their employees.